The Mountain Spirit Podcast (Coming Soon)

The Mountain Spirit, a Christian Appalachian Project podcast, shares inspirational stories of faith, service, and compassion. Join host, Tina Bryson, as she sits in with participants who share, in their own words, what it means to be Appalachian and what binds them to the mountains. You’ll also get to hear firsthand from CAP’s volunteers and employees, as well as other champions of Appalachia who are advocating for lasting change in the region.

Each season will consist of eight episodes that highlight the impact of building hope, transforming lives, and sharing Christ’s love through service in Appalachia. There are many challenges in the region, including food insecurity, substandard housing, generational poverty, and natural disasters. But we know there is a mountain spirit that embodies resilience and perseverance, underpinned by faith. We pray these stories of hope and encouragement will help you celebrate the best of our shared humanity, work together to lift each other up, and overcome challenges in your own life.

Listen to The Mountain Spirit wherever you get your podcasts. Together, we can make a difference.

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The Mountain Spirit

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