Ease the Suffering of the Elderly

After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifices, seniors in Appalachia deserve attention and care to get through their days. CAP Elderly Services are more than home visits, trips to doctors, and home repairs. They are deep bonds that bring renewed faith.


For seniors in Appalachia, isolation is a dangerous problem. CAP Elderly Services partners make regular home visits to our older brothers and sisters to check on their welfare and bring a smile to their face.


Doctors’ visits, grocery shopping, and other chores are impossible for seniors who live in remote areas or are unable to drive. Elderly Services staff provide essential transportation for seniors living in need.

Home Repairs

The Elderly Housing program completes minor repairs for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to make necessary repairs so elderly participants can remain in a safe, warm, dry, and accessible home.

In-Home Respite

Our In-Home Respite services give primary care providers of individuals with disabilities regular opportunities to take a short break — and reconnect with themselves— by stepping in to care for their family members. 

“As I began to see the changes starting on my old house, I began to realize that God had sent this program to help me. I would say to the donors: Please, please continue to donate to CAP all you can, because the money you give is doing so much good for so many people who need help.”

—Paula Robinson

Prayer Requests

Our faith calls us and sustains us— that's why Christian Appalachian Project gathers for chapel each day. If you or a loved one are in need of prayers, please let us know and we will lift up your request.


Every Penny Counts

88.5% of donations go directly to families in need.