Caseworker Idea Brings Counseling to Seniors 

Submitted by tadams on Thu, 06/29/2023

By Abigail Martin 

Kasey Mills, an Elderly Services caseworker with Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), identified a need with participants and was excited to see Family Life Counseling Services (FLCS) work to meet those needs. The two CAP programs worked together to provide in-home counseling services to seniors living in isolation. Some participants also have physical limitations that prevent them from attending in person counseling at a CAP facility.  

“There have always been participants that really needed these counseling services,” said Mills, who proposed the idea to start the in-home counseling services. “Some of the participants I work with have limitations such as a lack of transportation, but others are unable to walk. They just couldn’t come into the office to speak with somebody.”  

Because Mills suggested this idea to provide these needed services, she worked with Chris Griffith, manager of FLCS, to determine the feasibility and implementation.  

“We see the need to serve seniors who are isolated, and we are working in conjunction with Elderly Services to meet those needs,” Griffith said. “Caseworkers have been in their homes and know their needs. They know they can reach out to us to go into the home if necessary to provide services.”  

Many Appalachian residents struggle with access to quality mental health services. However, because good mental health is so important, Griffith and his team are open to explore additional ways to offer expanded services, especially to seniors.   

Mills is grateful that staff found ways to implement her idea. “It means everything to me, I care about our participants,” Mills said. “I love them, and they come first to me. I want to make sure that I can do everything I can for them.”   

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