You Are Creating Appalachia's Future Leaders

Submitted by bstephens on Mon, 05/02/2022

One of the most important ways your contributions make a difference is by helping young people chart a healthy course for their lives through programs like our Summer Camps. 

For Teagan McGuire, plans for her future began when she first came to Camp AJ at the age of eight. From that moment, Teagan knew she wanted to be a part of Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) camp programs. 

As she grew through her camp years and into her teens, she joined our Teen Leadership Program as part of CAP’s Youth Empowerment Services (YES). YES encompasses Camp AJ and Camp Shawnee, CAP’s Teen Leadership Program, and our in-school services, which aim to inspire and empower Appalachian youth to take charge of their futures.

“Camp AJ has had a huge impact on my life,”  Teagan said. “It will always be one of the best parts of my childhood.” 

Teens like Teagan participate in workshops that allow them to meet new people and discover how to grow as leaders in their communities. Teagan was part of a group that volunteered at camp for eight weeks last summer. Because of the pandemic, the group rethought and replanned the structure of a camp day and week to keep campers safe. Teens even traveled to schools in the area to run day camps for students. 

“Teen Leadership has helped me grow as a leader by giving me experience working with a team and teaching me about my own work styles and how I can use them more efficiently,” Teagan said.

She looks forward to the upcoming summer as a counselor at Camp AJ — giving back to the program that has given her so much. 
“CAP has shown me so much love,” she added. “And I could not be more grateful.”

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