Your Support Helps Seniors in Need

Submitted by brittany.conley on Wed, 06/30/2021
It’s no news to anyone that the pandemic disrupted and endangered lives across America — and that our senior citizens are some of the most susceptible. Those risks were multiplied for vulnerable older adults who already live in the depths of poverty.
Many seniors in Appalachia spent their lives working hard but never getting ahead. Then, because of COVID-19, they found themselves frightened, helpless, hungry, and alone.
Our staff and volunteers work selflessly to make sure desperate seniors are cared for. With your generous support, we can:
•Deliver nutritious food
• Provid transportation to critical doctor visits
• Check in with isolated and elderly neighbors
• Relieve fears and bring renewed hope
• And much more
Thank you for continuing to share your blessings with the children, their families, and seniors in need in Appalachia.

Prayer Requests

Our faith calls us and sustains us— that's why Christian Appalachian Project gathers for chapel each day. If you or a loved one are in need of prayers, please let us know and we will lift up your request.


Every Penny Counts

90% of donations go directly to families in need.