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Volunteer Commissioning

Submitted by ckdcaudill on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 23:15

CAP employees and volunteers joined together on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at St. Paul Catholic Church in McKee, KY for the bi-annual Volunteer Commissioning. A fun, heartfelt evening was had by all, complete with special speakers, worship songs, scripture reading, a candlelight vigil and a warm meal.

As I sat and listened to the individual prayers of the 2013 volunteer group, I felt a sense of overwhelming compassion for their dedication and strength. I personally enjoy volunteering; however, I am always home on time to eat dinner with my family and squeeze in some playtime with my son. These volunteers are a very special group of young adults who have committed one year of service away from their family, away from their friends and away from their norm. These 28 individuals have dedicated themselves to the Christian Appalachian Project and will be serving participants, while simultaneously growing their own hearts in Christ’s love.

It was such a moving moment to hear their prayers. Prayers to be selfless and more like the Lord. Prayers for strength in times of weakness. Prayers to remove fears and become a steward of the Lord’s work. Prayers to show others the same unconditional love that our God bestows upon us. These prayers and many others are the cries of our volunteers’ hearts. How powerful it is to see this group of volunteers open up and vow to become the face of CAP and to serve others in need.

Please join me in continuing to pray for each individual volunteer that has dedicated their time to serve their brothers and sisters in need in Appalachia. We at CAP welcome them with open arms as we join forces and show God’s unconditional love to others.

Ryan Leigh Chapman

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