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Toyota makes summer camp possible for Eastern Kentucky children

Submitted by evanharrell on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 09:59

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is pleased to announce it has received a $7,500 grant from Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky (TMMK) Contributions Program. The grant will provide scholarships to fund one week of residential summer camp for 15 school-age children in Eastern Kentucky. During the week, campers learn leadership skills and enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities such as swimming, hiking, and fishing.  

Toyota makes summer camp possible for children in Appalachia.“Our focus is to understand the needs in the community and to give back to those communities, especially where we do business,” said Rick Hesterberg, manager of external affairs for TMMK. “We value the focus of the Christian Appalachian Project and the positive ways in which CAP impacts the lives of children and teens.”

CAP operates two camp facilities: Camp Shawnee in Floyd County and Camp AJ in Jackson County. As many as 1,000 Appalachian children each year have an opportunity to attend camp through scholarships provided by grants like the one from TMMK.

“Our employees, volunteers, and junior counselors at CAP’s summer camps work to create an environment that communicates to each child that they are truly cared for and respected,” said Guy Adams, president/CEO of CAP. “Toyota’s partnership is important to CAP and to our participants.”

In addition to its normal corporate activities, Toyota seeks to directly benefit society, such as contributing in the construction of facilities for cultural activities, promoting education on transport safety, and working to improve the environment.

“Contributors to CAP, like Toyota, become partners in our community of care,” Adams added. “This financial support has short-term and long-term impacts. Our camping program teaches valuable leadership skills that equip and empower campers and junior counselors to break the cycles of generational poverty. These young people can go back home and enter the next school year with increased confidence and new skills.”

Toyota has a strong commitment to strengthening opportunities for diverse and underserved populations, helping during times of disaster, and supporting organizations that meet the needs of local communities across the U.S. Their partnership with CAP started in 2014.

“We are honored that our company assists in providing a getaway, so every child can enjoy the gift of camp, friendship, laughter, and lifelong memories,” Hesterberg added. “For many children, camp can provide a respite from the other challenges they may face throughout the year. Toyota is glad to be a part of making that happen.”

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