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Summer Gardening

Submitted by ckdcaudill on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 08:57

If you sat down and spoke with Bonnie, you would think that gardening is her pastime … that it’s just something she does for enjoyment … that she loves to “piddle and crawl” through the tomato plants, weeding, pulling and harvesting her vegetables. And she does love it, but it’s also a necessity.

For the past two years, Bonnie has relied on CAP to provide the seeds, plants and fertilizer she and her husband need to grow the nutritious fruits and vegetables that are often hard to come by on their budget.

She wears a big smile on her face when she talks about starting her garden. She spends the summer taking extreme care of her crops because the more she produces, the more she can freeze and can for the long hard Appalachian winters.

Bonnie and her husband found out about CAP through a local agency she had reached out to for help in heating their home. The agency was unable to help, but referred them to CAP, and we were able to provide kerosene and space heaters. Bonnie also learned about the Grateful Bread Food Pantry, where she visits just about every month.

When Bonnie talks about all the help she has received from CAP she can’t help but smile. She said, “CAP has been a true blessing, and the hugs from the volunteers that help are the best.”