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Something to Eat

Submitted by mmoreno on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 10:22

Betty spends most days in her home alone, isolated from the world, not because of COVID-19, but as her daily reality since her husband passed away some years ago. This senior living in Appalachia without family nearby has counted on Christian Appalachian Project in her struggles and that assistance has become more critical with governmental restrictions during this health crisis.

“Hannah brought my commodities box and my pantry pickup,” Betty said. “If she hadn’t, I would have to do without if they didn’t bring it to my home. When you are by yourself you don’t have anyone to talk to. Hannah helps me and I don’t have to worry.”

Hannah Burdette is a caseworker in CAP’s Elderly Services Program. Normally, Burdette and Barbara Conway, a one-year volunteer and AmeriCorps member, visit Betty, bring her needed items, help her celebrate special occasions, and transport her to run errands and keep doctor appointments. But much of that has been impacted by social distancing. Betty asked several times about their visits and how they would be impacted by coronavirus.

“She would sometimes come out just to talk with me and bring a food basket,” Betty said. “They won’t be able to come visit [in the house] like they used to. It helps for them just to talk to me. I get down when I don’t have anyone to talk to. I appreciate her coming and talking to me and taking me places. She brought me presents for my birthday and for Christmas. Hannah makes me feel better.”

Christian Appalachian Project will continue to serve our participants, especially our most vulnerable seniors who are high priority during this health crisis. They are in the highest category of risk due to age and many that have underlying conditions. The generosity of our donors is helping us continue to provide services to children, their families, and seniors living in poverty in Appalachia.

“I appreciate it,” Betty noted. “It’s a help to me. If CAP was not able to continue to provide these services, it would be hard on me. I would have to do without. At least now I have something to eat.”