Your Love Reaches More Families Than Ever Before

Submitted by bstephens on Fri, 07/01/2022

Because of your generosity, Christian Appalachian Project’s Operation Sharing is expanding our capacity to reach the neediest in Appalachia.

A new Operation Sharing satellite hub in Clay County will bring clothing, home goods, and other necessities directly into communities for smaller churches and organizations to distribute to people in the greatest need. This is a first of its kind service and with you by our side, it won’t be the last.

Cutting travel times in half for smaller congregations and charities — who are best positioned to help families in remote areas of Appalachia — around 60 organizations are picking up life-changing essentials from this new satellite hub. As a result, three times more local groups are participating in Operation Sharing, leading to a larger and more lasting impact on families who are living in underserved areas of Appalachia.

Pamela Mathis, manager of the Operation Sharing satellite hub in Clay County, knows how devastating it is when families don’t have access to basic necessities of life.  

“I’ve seen kids hungry. One day, I saw a mother walking in the cold with her two children, and one of them didn’t even have on shoes. I gave that child a pair of shoes. Having this partnership with Operation Sharing has helped the community. God knew what we needed,” explains a grateful Pamela. 

“We are hoping to make life in the community a little easier,” says Ben Ridner, who manages Operation Sharing. “Our goal is to help as many people as we can. We feel this is the best way to do it.” 

Thank you for sharing your blessings with so many of God’s beloved children in Appalachia.

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