The Little Things

Marie is a participant of Christian Appalachian Project, and is a part of our Elderly Services Program. Her caseworker, Ruby Fannin, knows that participants like Marie live out the transforming work of CAP.

“COVDI-19 has been very hard on all of us,” Fannin said. “Our program fixed gift bags for all of our participants to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. We wanted them to feel special and since we can’t go in and sit down to catch up like we used to do, we look for ways to still be a part of their lives.”

When the caseworkers arrived at her house, Marie told them that she wished she could give them all a big hug. Social distancing makes that an impossibility at this time and that is hard on staff and participants alike, however, they all look for opportunities to positively impact each other.

There are many seniors in Appalachia that have no one to look in on them and would be alone without visits from CAP caseworkers like Fannin, or they would have to go without essential items. Marie takes it upon herself to call other CAP participants several times a day to check on them because their family doesn’t. Fannin said, “Marie is so compassionate and caring not only toward her family but also her friends. She has a servant’s heart and it definitely shows.”

But Fannin knows that many other participants don’t have a Marie in their lives. One of those participants is John. He has been receiving wound care throughout the pandemic, but he has been unable to find a mask. Fannin stepped in to help.

“Thankfully, I had a friend who was making masks for free to anyone who needed them,” Fannin said. “I was able to get him one as well as his caregiver. He was so thankful for them. It truly are the little things that mean the most to our participants.”


Prayer Requests

Our faith calls us and sustains us— that's why Christian Appalachian Project gathers for chapel each day. If you or a loved one are in need of prayers, please let us know and we will lift up your request.


Every Penny Counts

88% of donations go directly to families in need.