Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation named 2021 Philanthropist of the Year

APPALACHIA – (Nov. 18, 2021) Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) selected Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation as their 2021 Philanthropist of the Year during a virtual National Philanthropy Day celebration hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. The foundation was recognized for their support which has enabled CAP to pursue its mission to build hope, transform lives, and share Christ’s love through service in Appalachia.

“Since 2012, Carson-Myre has provided substantial critical support to CAP and those who face the challenges of poverty in Eastern Kentucky, where our participants live in one of the largest pockets of generational poverty in the continental United States,” said Phyllis Caudill, CAP’s vice president of philanthropy. “Through their ever-increasing generosity, Carson-Myre’s gifts have been instrumental.”

The foundation was started in 1997 by Jane Carson-Myre to carry on her family’s legacy of generosity. “Christian Appalachian Project fits perfectly with our mandate,” said J. William Howerton, a trustee of the foundation which was set up to support Christian outreach programs in ministry, education, and aid to people in need. “We are pleased to support such an organization as Christian Appalachian Project.”

While the foundation has worked primarily to improve life in Western Kentucky, they have extended their service to support efforts to improve the lives of people in need in Eastern Kentucky as well.

“The funds raised at CAP contribute to easing the burden of children, their families, and seniors who suffer from the vicious cycle of poverty,” said Dennis Jacobs, CAP’s senior foundations officer. “Gifts from our supporters like Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation allow Christian Appalachian Project to extend a community of care to people who need basics like food, clothing, and shelter. These partnerships are integral to the work we do, and we are honored to celebrate Carson-Myre and the great charitable work they make happen each day.”

National Philanthropy Day celebrates the extraordinary change that fundraising and philanthropy have helped to create in our world. As part of National Philanthropy Day, individuals and organizations, like Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation, are honored for their outstanding charitable work in their local communities.



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