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Louis T. Foley Mission Center Dedication

Submitted by ckdcaudill on Mon, 05/06/2013 - 11:27

A dedicated group of volunteers, donors and CAP staff stood together on February 8 to cut the ribbon marking the completion of the Louis T. Foley Mission Center. The 18,000 square-foot facility in Martin County, Kentucky, will be used to house up to 120 volunteers as they work to repair homes in Appalachia and during times of disaster.

Renovations began in 2011, after the closing of the Mountain Christian Academy, which was previously in its location. Volunteers completed most of the remodeling work to the building to include sleeping quarters, a dining area and meeting room.

An important function of the Louis T. Foley Mission Center is that it allows volunteers to focus on their purpose and not worry about where they’ll be staying. “That is what this facility is going to allow volunteers to do from now on,” says Kathleen Leavell. Director of Christian Partners and CAP Volunteers “To focus on serving others.”

The Louis T. Foley Mission Center is a gift from the Louis T. Foley Estate, and has been named in honor of Louis T. Foley, who was a longtime friend and donor to CAP.


Hello! I am a donor to CAP and will be sending in a donation tomorrow as I have fallen behind in my giving. My apologies! I bought a farm in Mercer County north of Perryville on April 5,2013 and am in the process of making the necessary renovations to the house and eventually the barn. We are in the beginning stages of developing "The Huntley Haven of Rest", which will be a Christian retreat for pastors & their families, lay Christian families, and eventually larger Christian groups. The mission will be to give pastors and other Christians rest and respite from the demands of ministry and have the opportunity to have time with their families and a spiritual renewal with our Lord. Who led the renovation of this building into sleeping quarters, meeting room, and dining room? I would appreciate having the person's name and contact information to seek that person's guidance and experience as a resource for doing the same with the barn at The Huntley Haven of Rest. Thank you for your time in responding.

Thanks for writing in! We will contact you with information about our renovation process.

Hi! Thank you for the News. You mention that the "Mountain Academy" is no longer in the building you converted to a Volunteer Quarters. My question: did the Academy "close" or move to another location?. I remember Father Beiting's effforts to get this Aacademy started. I was there with a colleague for a "Teachers' Inservice Day" (coming from DePaul University Chicago). Greetings and good wishes from Germany! Hans Schieser