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A Donor Writes….

I felt it was a calling from the Lord that perhaps my heart needs to be there…

Dearest family in Christ,

I recently discovered your ministry from a woman I work with only by God’s grace. That one particular day she had a little book with her and I asked her about it. She said she happened to pick it up at the dump area where she disposes her trash. They have a small area where people leave books or magazines and folks are welcome to help themselves to free reading material. Well, she happened to choose one of Reverend Beiting’s; The Promise of Faith.

I started to read and couldn’t put it down, though I had to leave and give the book back. So, I made a copy of the table of contents and the copyright. I was never so moved or touched by the hearts of so many in that book.

Then one day I happened to open our calendar at work and the photos caught my eye…it was a calendar from your ministry…!!! More information!!

Then, just the other day I happened to be in the volunteer area at work (I work at St. Luke’s Hospital) and deciding to find a book to keep me company while it was quiet I came across another one of Reverend Beiting’s books! I was so excited and dove right in. Well, I know the Lord never makes mistakes so I’m following His lead.

Actually, my mother-in-law was born and raised in the western part of Virginia. This past summer I attended her family reunion for the first time (at the Breaks). The experience of driving through the coal mining towns never left my heart. After the trip, the faces of the local people and their homes kept so alive in my mind….then God placed those books before me.

I felt it was a calling from the Lord that perhaps my heart needs to be there…why I can’t say but my heart goes out to all those who are making a difference there for so many.

I am amazed by Reverend Beiting’s stories that are so real, I felt like I was right there with him. But thanks be to a loving God to take this one man and send him to an area that needed Christ’s touch. His faith and trust in god made a difference in so many lives who could have been forgotten… But God is so full of grace for so many in despair.

I wanted to share my story, though simple but I believe God had a plan in all this. I know in my heart that the day I drove away from the coal mining area, I wanted to go back….but why? Now I know. There is need and people are making a difference. Whether it’s there or even in the area I live, people are hurting and we need to extend our hand in Christ.

So I decided I would like to come and visit your ministry on my way through Kentucky. My daughter happens to live in Lexington. My daughter and I are Christians and we love the Lord with all our heart…I believe God’s great purpose is all this…I can’t quite explain this anymore…I just trust Him.

I’ll be heading up to visit her the second week in November. Would it be ok for us to make a visit for the day? I don’t have much time but I’m willing to do what the Lord has put on my heart.

If you would let me know, you can email me. I look forward to hearing from you and please let me know how we can help.

Most gratefully in Christ,


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