A Cheerful Giver

A Cheerful GiverDo you remember what first made you give to Christian Appalachian Project?  Was it the image of a saddened little girl in desperate need?  Was it the story of an elderly man struggling to survive in his distressed home?  Did you grow up knowing the pain and stress of poverty yourself?

Whatever the reason, we are thankful you did!  Your support is what makes our work possible each and every day.  Without your generous gifts, so many families, children, seniors, and persons with disabilities would be left with little hope.

One of our donors, Judy Pohlman, first started giving to CAP six years ago after reading a book her daughter picked up at a yard sale.  The book was by CAP’s founder, Reverend Beiting.  “We decided we wanted to do something, even if it was small,” Judy remembers.  Yet, “small” is not what they did.  “My daughter, a friend, and I spent months collecting things and filled my SUV to the gill!”  They brought the items to CAP to have them distributed to the Norris family.  Ginny and Clint Norris were put in a situation in which they took in and cared for six of their grandchildren.  When their family grew from two to eight overnight, Clint and Ginny didn’t know what they were going to do to provide for the children.  Judy knew exactly what they were going to do … she was going to help!

A Cheerful GiverToday, her help continues, but instead it is to CAP’s Child and Family Development Center.  She sends items such as school supplies, art and craft materials, and festive trinkets and decorations for the children to enjoy.

Part of the reason Judy gives is because she knows the hardship of living in poverty.  “I remember being pretty poor as a child.  We didn’t have jelly, so grandma would butter bread and sprinkle sugar on it.”  Popcorn was a big treat.  She remembers fond memories of staying up late, eating popcorn and working on puzzles.  Now, she does what she can to provide happy memories to others living in need.  She recently agreed to donate a little each month.  “Someone from CAP phoned me and I set it up through my credit card to donate monthly,” she tells us, “Hopefully in the future I can increase that amount, but I know even a little helps.”

Judy is a cheerful giver.  “It does my heart good to give.  I am blessed to be able to give and will as long as possible.  Sometimes I can do a lot, sometimes just a little, but I know all is appreciated.”  She is exactly right.  We are so thankful for her and the many other donors like her whose commitment to CAP and people living in poverty is a testament to the love and compassion in their hearts.

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