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Meet Jordan!

Submitted by evanharrell on Mon, 10/23/2017 - 15:29


Meet Jordan!

Joining Maria and Tim, Jordan is our third Volunteer Ambassador. Jordan has previously served as a short-term volunteer with CAP at WorkFest, Camp Shawnee, and in the Elderly Housing Program. For the 2017-2018 year she is serving as AmeriCorps Camp Educator/Summer Camp Counselor and living in the Floyd Volunteer Community.

As a Volunteer Ambassador, Jordan will be sharing more of her stories and experiences throughout the year. Check back often to hear from her again!


Thank you for sharing!

Dear Jordan, Thank you, Maria, and Tim for being my "boots on the ground". I'm too old to physically volunteer, I'm too far away, and I still work for a living, so I contribute monetarily as I am able to. I fully understand "mountain pride", but I don't want to see these folks suffer. Voluntary giving is genuine, rather than the government taking my earnings and distributing them as they see fit. I voluntarily contribute to CAP and the Wounded Warriors project. My choice. We all know that simply throwing money at a problem doesn't work if not applied efficiently. That requires volunteers like you patriots. I'm not quite sure what an Ambassador is in the CAP context, but we each do what we can, and that's a good thing. I am happy to be your partner in this effort. I am especially pleased to see young people like yourself getting actively involved in CAP. In the face of a lot of young people disrespecting our heritage and traditions, it is sometimes easy to feel like the future of our country is bleak. Metaphorically, you represent the oasis in the desert for me. Not a mirage, but true hope for the future. You renew my hope. Thank you for that. Life is sometimes complicated, and demands a good bit of one's efforts, but your volunteer efforts are more valuable than you know. It IS worth it! No, I'm not trying to guilt or goad you to do more, I'm just trying to reaffirm to you that your efforts are very valuable, and much appreciated by more people than you might realize. May God bless you, your fellow volunteers, and the people you serve. Happy Thanksgiving!

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