Back Porch Poetry

Artistic expression has always been important to the lives of the men, women and children of Appalachia.
Below are examples of poetry submitted by our supports that inspire the soul.
Check back often for new poetry submissions!

Good Morning Lord

The magnificent colors of the season are gone.
The sky is grey and the wind blows cold.
I look out my window to greet the new day —
To find God — to say “thank you.”
And, there — still dressed in its Autumn yellows and reds,
Stands one last proud and stubborn tree,
Unable to shed its beauty to ready itself for winter.
God finds me — fluffs the tree’s leafy dress with His breath —
And whispers to me
“You’re welcome.”

Barbara-Jean Pisani
East Haven, CT

My front Porch

Of all the places I could sit, I like my front porch best.
It offers peace and solitude – a sheltered place to rest.

Gentle summer breezes blow through a lacy lattice wall,
I see the treetops swaying and hear the robin’s call.

There’s traffic on the highway, cars racing from here to there;
But I can lounge on my front porch as if I have no care.

Relaxing on my front porch always brings a smile;
Work and worry put aside – if only for a little while.

Marlyn Jane Clark
Salem, Indiana

stephen’s vision

Oh, I see the heavens opened
and the Lamb of God exalted
I see glory, flowing freely
from the throne of perfect grace

I see fire, burning brightly
‘round the altar of the Holy
I see light of thousand mornings
shining from the Saviour’s face

I see angel trumpets ringing
with the sound of rolling thunder
soaring on the wings of splendor
like a great and golden bird

I see arms of opened glory
drawing near the hungry spirit
bringing home the weary pilgrim
to the coast of crystal sea

I see peace and love descending
I see hands, outreached, receiving
I see Jesus Christ arising
come to set my spirit free

Keven Christenson
Goldsboro, NC

O TAnnenbaum

child of two
or three
looking up at a
knows without telling 
that something
and more, than his father
or his mother
has brought this wonderful glittering
that lights all of the living room
with a fire that burns and does
not consume – 
and he dares not turn his eyes away,
not sure that the
– as though he knew
that the faintest
doubt of this shin-
ing wonder would put 
it out

Elvira Francis Babbitt Banfill
Late wife of Elwood H. Banfill
Bernard, ME



A place where Darkness has no place
A place where Death can not hide
A place where Pain is not welcome
A place where Tears can not be
A place where a Liar has no place
A place where Greed has no part
A place where Abuse can not enter
A place where Harsh Words are forbidden
A place where the Righteous abide
A place where the Holy Angels live
A place where there is Love, Laughter, Joy
and Peace are Eternal
A place where there’s Joy unspeakable
and full of Glory
A place where a crystal water flows
walls of Jasper, Gates of Pearl
Streets of Purest Gold,
what more can one ask
Praise God

Bernice Jackson
Ardmore, TN

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