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Reverend BeitingWe learned of the passing of CAP’s Founder, Reverend Ralph Beiting, on August 9, 2012. The CAP Family grieves his loss and celebrates his life, along with his family, friends, and those he served in need in Appalachia. “For more than 50 years, Reverend Beiting was a light in the darkness for untold thousands of Appalachian folks in need. He shared God’s love with everyone he met; every day he lived his life to serve, encourage, and lift up others. The extent of his impact cannot be measured,” said Guy Adams, CAP’s current president.

If you would like to honor Reverend Beiting by making a memorial gift to CAP, please Click Here.

Reverend Beiting

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8 Responses to “Reverend Ralph Beiting”

  1. Karen Donovan on August 9th, 2012 12:16 pm

    Fr. Beiting was to the poor people of Eastern Kentucky that Mother Teresa were to the poor, sick and hungry of Calcutta.

    I was honored to be a volunteer in 1968 along with my dad, the late Senator James H. Donovan, brothers, Jim and Jerry…….

    We had the honor of Father staying at our home in NY several times. He was an inspiration to us all…….I loved reading all the books he wrote. You felt like you were right there with him…….Feeling what he was feeling… He now will meet his maker and be welcomed for doing God’s work.

  2. Susan Reumont on August 23rd, 2012 2:49 am

    Father Beiting was such a fantastic example of putting Christ’s love in action. His work inspired thousands of people in Appalachia and across the USA to help the underprivileged. He left an enduring legacy in CAP, the people he served, the volunteers and the communities impacted.

    Susan Reumont

  3. Chaplain John Morales on August 23rd, 2012 6:48 am

    I just picked up his autobiography this morning from my personal library. Just reading the first two chapters on the the train this early afternoon “connected” me to his passion and love for God and people. All of you who are still mourning- Rejoice! Rejoice! As he said we were given love and we must give it back!!!

  4. Joyce Berger on August 28th, 2012 2:25 pm

    I starting helping CAP 29 years ago.Rev.Beiting Would Write and Thank Me For Giving. He is with the Lord now and met all the people that has helped CAP. In GODS LOVE. Love Joyce Berger

  5. Roanna Payne on September 17th, 2012 1:50 am

    I had the priviledge of know Rev Beiting while volunteering in 1990s. His dedication to the CAP and people was overwhelming. The difference he made was a true gift from God. I pray the CAP continues living the legacy that Rev. Beiting has provided. God has welcomed home a true saint. He will be missed!

  6. Rita Thiel on November 29th, 2012 6:08 am

    Father Beiting would collect clothing in N.Ky. to bring to the folks in his Appalachian ‘family’. He stored clothing in his mother’s home in Fort Mitchell, Ky., and my mother donated her favorite outfits ( barely worn or brand new) for people with whom she felt a close connection.He will be sorely missed, but i’m sure was welcomed with open arms by God, whom he served so compassionately.

  7. martha on March 2nd, 2013 1:39 pm

    I can send some clothing and maybe boots. Please advise where I can find out what size winter boots are needed.

    Thank you,

  8. admin on March 4th, 2013 2:10 am

    Thank you for your support Martha! We serve a wide range of participants and can use any size you may have.

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